La Pommeraye (49)


From the Loire River to bocage landscapes...


From the Loire River to bocage landscapes

  • Located 1,85 miles South away from the Loire River,
  • between Angers (21 miles away) and Nantes (40 miles away),

La Pommeraye opens on the Mauges, a wooded region in the South-East of the Anjou province. The slopes overlooking the Loire Valley facilitate the growing of the AOC (Appellation Contrôlée) « Côteaux de la Loire » wines.


Fruit arboriculture is to be found, as well as agriculture, which is quite varied and where cattle breeding predominates.


  • With 4001 inhabitants, La Pommeraye, as many other Mauges villages, is based on an industrial tradition.
  • Relying on shoe-making industry in the last century, it has become more varied today : important haulage firms, following an old familial tradition, are based in La Pommeraye. 
  • There are many educational institutions in La Pommeraye : on the whole, 1600 pupils go to various schools, from nursery school to secondary school, and others like the « Institut Rural » or the « Maison Familiale », specilalised in the apprenticeship of agriculture, horticulture, wines, commerce.


  • Tourism developed in La Pommeraye in the 70s,
    • when the Village Vacances was created, which is now integrated into the touristic Center « Les Jardins de l'Anjou » : this center can accommodate more than 350 visitors, and welcomes seminars, congresses, and sport trainings.
    • A campsite and lodgings add to the various possibilities of accommodation.
    • Thanks to its commercial activity, its market every Saturday, the numerous sports and cultural associations,

  • La Pommeraye is a lively and dynamic town which offers visitors and inhabitants excellent opportunities and services. 




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